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Book Tulum Airport Shuttle by phone Cancun Local: (998) 980 3458
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1 855 577 9836
Toll Free USA / Canada - 1 855 577 9836
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Book Tulum Airport Shuttle by phone Cancun Local: (998) 980 3458
Whatsapp: +52 998 195 4408
Rest of the world: +52 (998) 980 3458
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Arrival Instructions

Find your transportation quick and easy

Thank you for trusting Tulum Airport Shuttle with your Cancun and Riviera Maya transportation services. Upon arrival to the airport is very important that you carefully read our suggestions for a faster and safer access to your transportation.

Remember to print and bring your reservation voucher with you and present it to our welcoming staff at the airport.

We will be happy to provide you with additional information about services and activities.

Upon arrival to CUN (Cancun International Airport) please follow these recommendations to assure an easy and fast access to your vehicle:


First, you are going to pass through immigration module. Following, you will be guided to the baggage claim area to wait for your luggage.

Luggage Claim

Once you have picked up your luggage, you will be directed to customs.

Clear Customs

After you have cleared customs, proceed to walk outside the terminal through the exit labeled with "Shuttles and Taxis", not the one labeled with "Family and Friends".

* For your own convenience, do not stop anywhere between customs and the airport exit doors, unless you see a representative of Tulum Airport Shuttle (we do always wear uniforms or carry a board with the logo).

Walk Out

As you walk, you may find "tourist advisor" trying to stop travelers by "offering information about Cancun". Be aware, what these people really do is to sell timeshare by offering free or discounted tours.

Be Aware

You may also find what we call "Pirate Shuttles", which will try to confuse you by telling you that your transportation just left with someone else.

* Pirate shuttles may even fake a call with "an Office" (which is just another scammer), to get you believe and pay for another service. If you don't see logo of "Tulum Airport Shuttle", your are not talking to the correct person.

Meet the rep

At this point, if you haven't met a Tulum Airport Shuttle representative yet, the will be waiting for you and will gladly greet you so you can start enjoying your vacation.

Use emergency numbers

We keep flight tracking, so if your flight is on-time or delayed, we will know and will be waiting for you, that is for sure. If you have any delay once the flight has landed or can't find your driver, use any of the emergency numbers on your confirmation voucher.